Affirmative Action Committee

Erin Miller, Chair
University of South Carolina, Columbia

Carmen Tisdale
Carver Lyon Elementary School, Columbia, South Carolina

Eileen Blanco
TheraCare, New York, NY

Wanda Montgomery
National Black Child Development Institute
Gray Child Care Center, Milwaukee, WI

Susi Long
University of South Carolina, Columbia

ECEA History

NCTE 2008

At the end of a very exciting Day of Early Childhood, at the annual convention, in November 2008, Deborah Wells Rowe gave a thought provoking keynote for which we hope to provide audio on this site in the near future.

Following Debbie's talk the proposed Early Childhood Education Assembly (ECEA) held a special interest group meeting to vote on various aspects of the assembly. The minutes from this meeting can be found in the column on the right hand side of this web page. Since this meeting, the ECEA leadership has worked diligently at submitting the necessary paperwork required to complete the process of gaining assembly status. In February, 2009, the NCTE Executive Committee voted on whether or not to award this status.

On March 24, 2009, Millie Davis, Division Director, Communications and Affiliate Services at NCTE contacted us to officially inform us that we had been granted Assembly status!

We look forward to hearing from you, working with you, and supporting your needs! Please come back to this site for updates regarding the status of the proposed assembly.

Vivian Vasquez
ECEA Chair

Board of Directors 2011-2013

ECEA Board of Directors

Mariana Souto-Manning
Teachers College - Columbia University

Assistant Chair
Dinah Volk
Cleveland State University

Laurie Katz
The Ohio State University

Carol Felderman

Newsletter Editor
Jeff Wood (2010-2012)
Laurentian University

Affirmative Action Committee Chair
Erin Miller (2010-2012)

At-Large Members of Board of Directors
Laura Herring, Doctoral Student in Early Childhood Ed., University of Missouri, Columbia.
Carmen Medina, Associate Professor, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Dahlia Bouari, Kindergarten Teacher, PS 89, New York, NY
Dana Bentley,  Preschool Teacher,  Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, MA
Erin Miller, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Siobian Minish, Infant Teacher, Child Development Lab at the McPhaul Center, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA
Katie Stover, Assistant Professor, Furman University, Greenville, SC
Lenny Sanchez, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia

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