The Importance of Character Education In World Education

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Character education , it is absolutely necessary not only at school , but at home and in the social environment . Even today this is no longer a participant character education early childhood to adolescence , but also adults. Absolutely necessary for the survival of this nation .

Imagine what the emerging competition in the year 2021 ? Clearly it would be our burden and parents present . At that time , the children of today will face competition with colleagues from different parts of the country in the World . In fact we are still going to work year will feel the same feelings . Demands quality of human resources in 2021 certainly requires good character .

However, the character of the individual is the key to success . Of an American study , 90 percent of cases are caused by the dismissal of bad behavior as irresponsible , dishonest , and poor interpersonal relationships . In addition , there are other studies that indicate that 80 percent of a person's success in society is determined by the emotional quotient .

What about our nation ? What about those successors who are now sitting in a chair this important state government and who sits in the chair is important that managing the economy of this country ? Have they showed good character qualities and comforting our hearts ? Can we believe , the baton later we leave it to them , then they are able to run well or just the opposite ?

From the psychological point of view , I see a decline in kulaitas " psychological age " in children aged 21 years in 20011 , with children aged 21 in 2001 . Intent psychological age is the age of maturity , age appropriateness and decency that is directly proportional to biological age . If the child is now 21 years old as if they were as young as 12 or 11 years . Sorry if this shocking and painful .

Though not all , but most I've met have such a tendency . I repeatedly cooperated with the child's age and the results are less than the maximum . I do not " give up " air repeatedly to work with them . And by accident I found this pattern tends to be repeated , I observe and evaluate their behavior and character . Back again remember , schools are generally not given the education to cope with competition in the world of work . So there is a survey that said that the average after-school child needs 5-7 years to adapt to the world of work and the average in the 5-7 years of work moved up to 3-5 times . Hmm .. and this process is often referred to as the process of searching for identity . The question I seek " self " within themselves or outside it yourself ? " I work fitting what? Try doing this was the " last move if you do not fit into the other . Why not taught in school , so the children live a life in the real world do not have problems even less so desperate because of growing feelings of inadequacy in her lifetime and imprisoned by a false conviction .

Okay back to topic , character is the values ​​of human behavior related to Almighty God , ourselves, our fellow human beings , the environment and national manifested in thoughts, attitudes , feelings , words , and actions based on religious norms , legal , manners , culture and customs .

For Indonesia today , character education also means making earnest efforts , systematically and continuously to awaken and strengthen the awareness and confidence of all Indonesian people that there will be no better future without build and strengthen the character of the people of Indonesia . In other words , there is no better future could be realized without honesty , without increasing the self-discipline , without persistence , without the spirit of high learning , without developing a sense of responsibility , without fostering unity amidst diversity , without the spirit of contributing to the progress together , and without a sense of confidence and optimism . This is our challenge Indonesian nation , capable of ?

Theodore Roosevelt said : " To educate a person in mind and not in Morals is to educate a menace to society " ( Educating someone in the intelligence aspect and not the moral aspect is mara - hazard threat to the public )
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Parenting Role In Shaping Character Children

Successfully educate children well are the dream of all the teachers and parents . Every teacher and parent would want their children to be successful and happy , but if in fact that easy ? The majority of parents had experienced difficulty in educating beloved baby

The teachers and parents , let me ask you ... Have we really think that the negative program ( maybe ) we inadvertently implanted into the subconscious mind of our children , will continue to dominate and control her life - making a mess in the future ? To be honest evaluate yourself , so we can all including me as a parent has been and is doing this to our children .

For us parents , what character we want to cultivate in our children ? Give an example of it in the attitudes and actions as well as words . Then the child will easily mencontohnya and store it in memory and the subconscious will be issued back to the time of " no trigger " . The point ? When we give an example of respect and love for our spouses , our children when he married someday we will model the behavior of his parents to the spouse .

Now this is a very valid one aphorism " the fruit does not fall far from the tree " and I feel very well when many of my clients who feel that life is the result of a " copy " of his parents . If her parents give a good effect is not a problem , but if the household clutter as its parent then this is a disaster . Why is this happening ? Well , I guess you already know the answer right?

Be a role model for our beloved baby , the first and initially the child will always learn from its immediate environment , namely the elderly . They absorb information with the good of their five senses . Not just the words but the attitude of parents and their parents' behavior will absorb too , you do not even realize.

If our parents , want to know how much value you as a parent to educate the child , there is an easy way to know . The first report cards of our children at school ( play group or kindergarten ) , it is our own report cards parents , not the child . You can draw from these results , how the quality of the " product " ( read : children ) you . Well it is the beginning of the current report cards 3-5 years you have a family and educate children . But if you know the end result look at your child's life when he has been in the real life . Look at the interaction , how to speak and behave and if we parents are more observant and wise look at finances. The better your child 's financial condition is directly proportional to your child's character owned ( kosher of course ) .

The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Education is an important asset for the advancement of a nation , therefore, every citizen should and must follow the levels of education , both early childhood education , elementary education , secondary education or higher . In the field of education a child from birth requires proper care in meeting the educational needs along with understanding of the characteristics of children according to the growth and development will be very helpful in adjusting the learning process for children by age , needs , and each condition , both intellectually , emotionally and social .

Before talking further, what is early childhood education ? Early childhood education ( ECD ) is the level of education before primary education which is a development effort aimed bagianak from birth until the age of six years are done through the provision of educational stimulation to assist the growth and development of the child physically and mentally in order to have the readiness to enter the education further , organized in formal , non-formal , and informal .
Why is early childhood education is very important ?

Based on the research results about 50 % kapabilitaas intelligence adults have occurred when the child was 4 years old , 8 0 % there has been a rapid development of the brain tissue when the child is 8 years old and reaches its peak when the child was 18 years old , and after it's done though improved nutrition will have no effect on cognitive development .

This means that the development occurred within the first 4 years of the same magnitude with the developments in the next 14 years . So that this period is a critical period for children , where development acquired during this period is very influential on the development of the next period to adulthood . While this golden age only comes once , so that when the mean finished missed chances .

According to Byrnes , early childhood education will provide preparation for facing children in the future times , the closest is the face of the school year . " Currently , some kindergarten children already ask students who want to enroll there already able to read and count . In the kindergarten had already started to be taught social skills and problem solving . Because of the abilities that was to be established at an early age , "said Byrnes .

Furthermore, according to Byrnes , that early childhood education is important , because at this age the child is the best form of education . At this age children should establish himself facing a period of school readiness and future . The best investment you can give to children is to prepare them in early childhood education .

Strength of Character For Kids Future

I saw one of the students in my neighborhood is very studious . So much so , he could not take the time to play with their peers . School demands so much made ​​to be lingering in the room to transfer the information in the book into the brain or memory . I am very sorry for the students . Why ? On the one hand , the student is honed cognitive abilities . But on the other hand , he suffered paralysis imbalance or emotional ( affective ) . Life is like riding a bicycle , once necessary balance. If the balance is not maintained then it will fall .
Seeing these students , I suggest to parents to help regulate the time , so he was not locked in the room , while his friends were playing . That he does not realize , that the play was also part of the learning process .
As we know , humans actually have creativity , taste, and imagination . Therefore, when only creativity ( IQ ) are sharpened , then there is an imbalance . Then what happens ? Obviously , the effects of the pattern of education that only focuses on creativity ( cognitive / IQ ) alone and ignore the ( affective / EQ ) and intention ( action ) will be felt and seen when the child grows up . The child will be paralyzed social . Why do I say lame social ? Socially crippled occurs when the child is not able to establish relationships in the social environment . In fact , in every association in the community , both socially at work , organizational relationships , relationships at school and others definitely need to build relationships and collaborate with others . Could ultimately inhibit the development of her potential .
Is it not our basic needs as human beings to work together . By working together , we actually open up many opportunities to learn many things . That way we can increase the opportunity to explore ourselves . Here lies the importance of relationships and social interactions .
In the past , parents are directing their children to hone his IQ . Therefore , a high IQ is defined as a high level of intelligence as well ( and is said to be a successful recipe if high IQ ) . However , a new awareness has finally appeared that there was other intelligence that can not be ignored , namely emotional intelligence .
The balance between cognitive intelligence ( knowledge ) , feeling ( affective ) and action ( action ) will build a good strength of character themselves . The characters themselves are very crucial role . Therefore , the character himself is a way of thinking and behavior that is typical of individuals to live and work with its surroundings.
Sometimes , a person of character feels unbalanced . There are people who have brilliant ideas but are not able to cooperate with teamworknya . It shows the person has a good IQ intelligence emotional intelligence was bad . There are also people who have a brilliant brain , he is also good , but lazy to work . It shows the action is weaker than his IQ and EQ .
The characters themselves will be stronger if the three are met . The characters themselves are good this will determine the decision-making process , behavior and way of thinking. That will ultimately determine our success . See, a Nelson Mandela won the world's sympathy with the idea of ​​peace . Mother Teresa shook the world with love and concern for each other . Bung Karno with ideas , tenacity and intelligence still feels for us Indonesian people who have gone through years of the millennium .
All of it is a manifestation of the strength of character they have. This confirms that a person's character determines the success of an individual . And according to research , 80 percent of a person's success is precisely determined by their emotional intelligence , while intelligence intelegensianya get a portion of 20 percent .
Build Strength of Character
In every individual has its own character . Environment has an important role in the formation of character . Our character , has an important role in life processes . Therefore , the character control our thoughts and behavior , which of course determines the success , the way we live our lives , reaching obsession and resolve the problem .
Actually, each one of us has a distinctive character . And , the specificity of these characters is the strength of our character . Therefore , the distinctiveness or uniqueness is what separates us from other individuals . The entertainer will spread the spirit , the regulator will manage the organization . They are wise and do not like conflict can be peacemakers . It all is strength of character . And , each character will be needed in any association , either socially work , or community organization .
Remember ! Strength of character to be built from scratch . Build strength of character can be done either through character education in a formal environment such as schools , non - formal or as families and communities . Character education is given through the cultivation of character values ​​. It can be knowledge , awareness or willingness and action to implement these values ​​. Output character education will be seen in relation both to the creation of Almighty God , ourselves, others , the environment , the public and others.
Character education is not only theoretically given in school , but also need to be applied in everyday life . So it will become a habit . Habits are proof that the education provided has been pervasive in a person . When eating to be polite , when going to bed to read a prayer , when out of the house to say goodbye , diligent and spirit embody the ideals of obsession and , to be honest , be kind to animals and plants , do not litter and other places .
Build strength of character done by involving all elements . Therefore , each element will be influential in the formation of individual character . A child will imitate and identify what is around him . Positive role models will form a positive character role models and instead will form keprbadian negative and negative character . Therefore , every element of the environment should be built in a positive way , so that the character of the child will develop a positive as well .
Then how to build the strength of character? Strength of character will be formed by itself if there is support and encouragement from the surrounding environment . Imagine a stick would not have the power to banish junk . However , if the stick is supported by hundreds of others would form a force to clean up the home page . So is the character , will be stronger when supported by the environment . The role of family , school , community is very dominant in supporting and building strength of character .
Strong character will ultimately play optimally in every social interaction . Thus, individuals with strong character that will contribute - either moral or spiritual - that is efficient for the surroundings .

Building Character Since Childhood Education

if I asked when's the right time to determine a person's success and the success ? Thus , when the answer is still an early age. Really? Well I'll share a fact that has been widely studied by researchers world .
At the early age of 0-6 years , the brain develops very rapidly up to 80 percent . At that age the brain to receive and absorb various kinds of information , does not look good and the bad . That is where the times of physical, mental and spiritual child will begin to form . Because of this , many are calling this period as the golden periods of the child ( golden age) .
A study conducted by an expert from the Child Development and Behavior American named Brazelton said that the experience of the child in the first months and years of life will determine whether the child will be able to face the challenges in life and whether he will demonstrate a passion for learning and succeed in the workplace .
Now , therefore , we as parents should take advantage of a golden period for the child's character education is good for children . So that children can achieve success and success in life in the future . We as parents sometimes do not realize , our attitude to the child instead of the child will be dropped . For example , with the hit , giving pressure which ultimately makes the child a negative attitude , low self-esteem or self-conscious , timid and did not dare to take risks , which in the end these characters will be brought up to an adult. When such a mature character would become an obstacle for him to achieve and fulfill his desire . For example , there could be a public speaker because he is insecure or embarrassed . Not daring to take certain chances because he did not want to take the risk and fear of failure . In fact , if he is to be positive , the risk can be altered as a challenge to achieve success . You agree not it ?
Many say our success is determined by how our brain genius . The more we are , the more successful genius . The more we won the class championship title in a row , then the more successful we are . Is this true ? Wait wait !
I myself do not agree with these assumptions . Facts prove , many successful people just do not get brilliant achievement in school , they do not get a champion or the highest position in the school . Why is that ? Because real success is not only determined by our intelligence alone . However, the success was more dominant is determined by skill to bring up our emotional relationship with self, others and the environment . Moreover , that should not be left out is our spiritual relationship with God Almighty .
Did you know that the skills to build relationships with the three pillars ( self , social , and God ) are the characters people have success . And , let me tell you that the character is not entirely innate . Such a character could be formed . Wow , really? I say Yes ! And when the child was aged early - formed characters that. As we discussed earlier , that early childhood is a period character development of physical, mental and spiritual children begin to form . At this early age , the character will be formed from the children learn and absorb from our behavior as parents and from the surrounding environment . In this age of mental DEVELOPMENT happened very quickly . At that age the child also becomes very sensitive and insensitive to learn and practice the things he sees , feels and listens from the environment . Therefore , a positive environment will shape positive character and success .
Then , how to build character of children from an early age ?
The character will be formed as a result of understanding the relationship that must be experienced 3 every human ( triangle relationship) , the relationship with oneself ( intrapersonal ) , the environment ( social relationships and environment ) , and the relationship with Almighty God ( spiritual ) . Any result that relationship will provide interpretation / understanding of the values ​​and beliefs eventually become children . How children understand the shape of the relationship will determine how the child treats his world . Understanding will negatively impact on the treatment of negative and positive understanding will treat her world positively. For that , Growing positive understanding in children from an early age , one way to give confidence to the child to decide for himself , directing their potential to help children so they are better able to explore by itself , does not suppress either directly or subtly , and so on . Familiarize children socialize and interact with their surroundings . Remember choice for the environment largely determines the formation of character . As the saying goes sellers mingle with fragrant perfume will come , hang out with fishy fish vendors will participate . As such, a good and healthy environment to grow healthy and good character , and vice versa . And that can not be overlooked is building a spiritual relationship with God Almighty . Spiritual relationship with God Almighty awakened through implementation and appreciation of ritual worship implemented in social life .
Well , now we understand why build character education of children from an early age is important . An early age is the age of gold , then take advantage of the golden age as well as possible .

Teachers - qualified or not?

It was interesting listening to the debate on the TV news programmes yesterday about whether teachers even need to be qualified, particularly on Question Time. Actually it would be more exact to say it was depressing! Of course there are some people who are more natural teachers than others and of course there is always a place for the expert to enhance teaching and learning, particularly in certain areas such as music - sometimes an expert is also a natural teacher and can impart their specific skills and knowledge very well. However, this argument in favour of unqualified teachers appears to be based on a few random successes in the 174 Free Schools (that model adopted from Sweden just at the point the Swedes had decided it really wasn't working), not on the outcomes in 21,000 other state schools. In the debate on Question Time it became clear that, as usual all the panellists were basing their arguments around their own experience and the focus was almost entirely on Secondary education and the 'end game' of passing exams and getting to University. I was reminded of Sir Ken Robinson's first talk on TED when he says how everyone feels they know all about education because, after all, they have been to school themselves! Only Owen Jones mentioned at one point '5 year olds' when he rightly argued that success or failure in school (certainly on the terms being discussed)was more about starting points and socio-economic factors ... nobody else, notably not Liz Truss, Minister for Children, picked up on his points. It would be so refreshing and exciting to hear some politicians and journalists talking intelligently about the vital early years and about the highly qualified and specifically qualified teachers young children, particularly those growing up in socially deprived environments really need. I would refer anyone not convinced to the HighScope research, the findings of James Heckman (economist) and a number of recent reports across countries. Reports from OECD show that those countries most successful in terms of education and children's wellbeing emphasise the early years and the qualifications of those charged with the education and care of the very young.

Cheap Cell Phones

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This is where one should think of starting a Chinese phone wholesale business and making a large profit from this enormously large industry. The idea of becoming a wholesaler of China cell phones is profitable because the demand for these phones is on the rise. Also on large consignments and big orders the manufacturers of these phones provide incentives to the dealers in the form of discounts which can further lead to increase in profit. Another reason that is favourable for wholesalers of these phones is that the companies manufacturing these phones favour youngsters and quickly adapt and redesign their products to their needs and since youngsters make a large percentage of cell phone buyers in the world the demand for these kinds of cell phones is not going to die in the future.

Petition to UN

Today Tessa Jowell and Ivan Lewis launched a petition which aims to take to the campaign to support the youngest children to the next level. With your support they hope that the UN will ensure a commitment to early childhood development is at the heart of the new post-2015 development framework. I hope that you will be able to sign the petition and share with your friends and networks. Only with broad support will we be able to ensure that every child, no matter where they live in the world, will have the best start in life. Go to

Project Wild Thing

An interesting project called 'Project Wild Thing' resulting from the rather shocking statistic that The roaming radius of British children — i.e.. the distance they wander from their home — has shrunk by 90 per cent in the last 30 years
It’s a disheartening statistic, but one that has inspired award-winning filmmaker David Bond, who, keen for future generations not to miss out on the magic of the great outdoors, dreamed up PROJECT WILD THING.
The film itself is only one part of Bond’s campaign, which enlists a number of scientists, nature experts, sociologists, as well as the National Trust, to set about selling nature to kids.
Conscious that it will take more than eulogising to prise them away from their TVs and games consoles, Bond also recruits a marketing team to lend their branding savvy and repackage the countryside.
A charming exercise in creative, socially-minded activism, PROJECT WILD THING is a grass-roots triumph.
Relates to chapter 3 and the issue of play and risk taking in children's development and learning.

Children and Young People's Bill

“One of the most reported elements of the forthcoming Children and Young People Bill is the promise of 600 hours of state funded early learning and childcare for every three and four- year- old, and for looked after 2 year olds – an increase from the 475 hour legal minimum currently provided to every three and four year old. While this is an important step on the road to Scotland having world-class early education and care, the Bill makes no mention of out of school care, which is currently a non-statutory service. Out of school care for young children can be a costly headache for parents, particularly at this time of year.” Jackie Brock, Chief Executive, Children in Scotland I agree that out of school care is an issue and a problem for many parents but I am not sure it comes under the 'umbrella' of this Bill or needs to be made a statutory service. There is a danger that the state is seen as bearing the major responsibility for care as well as the education of children when really the responsibility for both should remain firmly with parents who will always have the most influence. It is an ongoing conundrum - how to provide for equal opportunities aznd particularly the most vulnerable withoout destroying the most important structures in our society.
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