Strength of Character For Kids Future

I saw one of the students in my neighborhood is very studious . So much so , he could not take the time to play with their peers . School demands so much made ​​to be lingering in the room to transfer the information in the book into the brain or memory . I am very sorry for the students . Why ? On the one hand , the student is honed cognitive abilities . But on the other hand , he suffered paralysis imbalance or emotional ( affective ) . Life is like riding a bicycle , once necessary balance. If the balance is not maintained then it will fall .
Seeing these students , I suggest to parents to help regulate the time , so he was not locked in the room , while his friends were playing . That he does not realize , that the play was also part of the learning process .
As we know , humans actually have creativity , taste, and imagination . Therefore, when only creativity ( IQ ) are sharpened , then there is an imbalance . Then what happens ? Obviously , the effects of the pattern of education that only focuses on creativity ( cognitive / IQ ) alone and ignore the ( affective / EQ ) and intention ( action ) will be felt and seen when the child grows up . The child will be paralyzed social . Why do I say lame social ? Socially crippled occurs when the child is not able to establish relationships in the social environment . In fact , in every association in the community , both socially at work , organizational relationships , relationships at school and others definitely need to build relationships and collaborate with others . Could ultimately inhibit the development of her potential .
Is it not our basic needs as human beings to work together . By working together , we actually open up many opportunities to learn many things . That way we can increase the opportunity to explore ourselves . Here lies the importance of relationships and social interactions .
In the past , parents are directing their children to hone his IQ . Therefore , a high IQ is defined as a high level of intelligence as well ( and is said to be a successful recipe if high IQ ) . However , a new awareness has finally appeared that there was other intelligence that can not be ignored , namely emotional intelligence .
The balance between cognitive intelligence ( knowledge ) , feeling ( affective ) and action ( action ) will build a good strength of character themselves . The characters themselves are very crucial role . Therefore , the character himself is a way of thinking and behavior that is typical of individuals to live and work with its surroundings.
Sometimes , a person of character feels unbalanced . There are people who have brilliant ideas but are not able to cooperate with teamworknya . It shows the person has a good IQ intelligence emotional intelligence was bad . There are also people who have a brilliant brain , he is also good , but lazy to work . It shows the action is weaker than his IQ and EQ .
The characters themselves will be stronger if the three are met . The characters themselves are good this will determine the decision-making process , behavior and way of thinking. That will ultimately determine our success . See, a Nelson Mandela won the world's sympathy with the idea of ​​peace . Mother Teresa shook the world with love and concern for each other . Bung Karno with ideas , tenacity and intelligence still feels for us Indonesian people who have gone through years of the millennium .
All of it is a manifestation of the strength of character they have. This confirms that a person's character determines the success of an individual . And according to research , 80 percent of a person's success is precisely determined by their emotional intelligence , while intelligence intelegensianya get a portion of 20 percent .
Build Strength of Character
In every individual has its own character . Environment has an important role in the formation of character . Our character , has an important role in life processes . Therefore , the character control our thoughts and behavior , which of course determines the success , the way we live our lives , reaching obsession and resolve the problem .
Actually, each one of us has a distinctive character . And , the specificity of these characters is the strength of our character . Therefore , the distinctiveness or uniqueness is what separates us from other individuals . The entertainer will spread the spirit , the regulator will manage the organization . They are wise and do not like conflict can be peacemakers . It all is strength of character . And , each character will be needed in any association , either socially work , or community organization .
Remember ! Strength of character to be built from scratch . Build strength of character can be done either through character education in a formal environment such as schools , non - formal or as families and communities . Character education is given through the cultivation of character values ​​. It can be knowledge , awareness or willingness and action to implement these values ​​. Output character education will be seen in relation both to the creation of Almighty God , ourselves, others , the environment , the public and others.
Character education is not only theoretically given in school , but also need to be applied in everyday life . So it will become a habit . Habits are proof that the education provided has been pervasive in a person . When eating to be polite , when going to bed to read a prayer , when out of the house to say goodbye , diligent and spirit embody the ideals of obsession and , to be honest , be kind to animals and plants , do not litter and other places .
Build strength of character done by involving all elements . Therefore , each element will be influential in the formation of individual character . A child will imitate and identify what is around him . Positive role models will form a positive character role models and instead will form keprbadian negative and negative character . Therefore , every element of the environment should be built in a positive way , so that the character of the child will develop a positive as well .
Then how to build the strength of character? Strength of character will be formed by itself if there is support and encouragement from the surrounding environment . Imagine a stick would not have the power to banish junk . However , if the stick is supported by hundreds of others would form a force to clean up the home page . So is the character , will be stronger when supported by the environment . The role of family , school , community is very dominant in supporting and building strength of character .
Strong character will ultimately play optimally in every social interaction . Thus, individuals with strong character that will contribute - either moral or spiritual - that is efficient for the surroundings .
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