The Importance of Character Education In World Education

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Character education , it is absolutely necessary not only at school , but at home and in the social environment . Even today this is no longer a participant character education early childhood to adolescence , but also adults. Absolutely necessary for the survival of this nation .

Imagine what the emerging competition in the year 2021 ? Clearly it would be our burden and parents present . At that time , the children of today will face competition with colleagues from different parts of the country in the World . In fact we are still going to work year will feel the same feelings . Demands quality of human resources in 2021 certainly requires good character .

However, the character of the individual is the key to success . Of an American study , 90 percent of cases are caused by the dismissal of bad behavior as irresponsible , dishonest , and poor interpersonal relationships . In addition , there are other studies that indicate that 80 percent of a person's success in society is determined by the emotional quotient .

What about our nation ? What about those successors who are now sitting in a chair this important state government and who sits in the chair is important that managing the economy of this country ? Have they showed good character qualities and comforting our hearts ? Can we believe , the baton later we leave it to them , then they are able to run well or just the opposite ?

From the psychological point of view , I see a decline in kulaitas " psychological age " in children aged 21 years in 20011 , with children aged 21 in 2001 . Intent psychological age is the age of maturity , age appropriateness and decency that is directly proportional to biological age . If the child is now 21 years old as if they were as young as 12 or 11 years . Sorry if this shocking and painful .

Though not all , but most I've met have such a tendency . I repeatedly cooperated with the child's age and the results are less than the maximum . I do not " give up " air repeatedly to work with them . And by accident I found this pattern tends to be repeated , I observe and evaluate their behavior and character . Back again remember , schools are generally not given the education to cope with competition in the world of work . So there is a survey that said that the average after-school child needs 5-7 years to adapt to the world of work and the average in the 5-7 years of work moved up to 3-5 times . Hmm .. and this process is often referred to as the process of searching for identity . The question I seek " self " within themselves or outside it yourself ? " I work fitting what? Try doing this was the " last move if you do not fit into the other . Why not taught in school , so the children live a life in the real world do not have problems even less so desperate because of growing feelings of inadequacy in her lifetime and imprisoned by a false conviction .

Okay back to topic , character is the values ​​of human behavior related to Almighty God , ourselves, our fellow human beings , the environment and national manifested in thoughts, attitudes , feelings , words , and actions based on religious norms , legal , manners , culture and customs .

For Indonesia today , character education also means making earnest efforts , systematically and continuously to awaken and strengthen the awareness and confidence of all Indonesian people that there will be no better future without build and strengthen the character of the people of Indonesia . In other words , there is no better future could be realized without honesty , without increasing the self-discipline , without persistence , without the spirit of high learning , without developing a sense of responsibility , without fostering unity amidst diversity , without the spirit of contributing to the progress together , and without a sense of confidence and optimism . This is our challenge Indonesian nation , capable of ?

Theodore Roosevelt said : " To educate a person in mind and not in Morals is to educate a menace to society " ( Educating someone in the intelligence aspect and not the moral aspect is mara - hazard threat to the public )
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