Parenting Role In Shaping Character Children

Successfully educate children well are the dream of all the teachers and parents . Every teacher and parent would want their children to be successful and happy , but if in fact that easy ? The majority of parents had experienced difficulty in educating beloved baby

The teachers and parents , let me ask you ... Have we really think that the negative program ( maybe ) we inadvertently implanted into the subconscious mind of our children , will continue to dominate and control her life - making a mess in the future ? To be honest evaluate yourself , so we can all including me as a parent has been and is doing this to our children .

For us parents , what character we want to cultivate in our children ? Give an example of it in the attitudes and actions as well as words . Then the child will easily mencontohnya and store it in memory and the subconscious will be issued back to the time of " no trigger " . The point ? When we give an example of respect and love for our spouses , our children when he married someday we will model the behavior of his parents to the spouse .

Now this is a very valid one aphorism " the fruit does not fall far from the tree " and I feel very well when many of my clients who feel that life is the result of a " copy " of his parents . If her parents give a good effect is not a problem , but if the household clutter as its parent then this is a disaster . Why is this happening ? Well , I guess you already know the answer right?

Be a role model for our beloved baby , the first and initially the child will always learn from its immediate environment , namely the elderly . They absorb information with the good of their five senses . Not just the words but the attitude of parents and their parents' behavior will absorb too , you do not even realize.

If our parents , want to know how much value you as a parent to educate the child , there is an easy way to know . The first report cards of our children at school ( play group or kindergarten ) , it is our own report cards parents , not the child . You can draw from these results , how the quality of the " product " ( read : children ) you . Well it is the beginning of the current report cards 3-5 years you have a family and educate children . But if you know the end result look at your child's life when he has been in the real life . Look at the interaction , how to speak and behave and if we parents are more observant and wise look at finances. The better your child 's financial condition is directly proportional to your child's character owned ( kosher of course ) .
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