The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Education is an important asset for the advancement of a nation , therefore, every citizen should and must follow the levels of education , both early childhood education , elementary education , secondary education or higher . In the field of education a child from birth requires proper care in meeting the educational needs along with understanding of the characteristics of children according to the growth and development will be very helpful in adjusting the learning process for children by age , needs , and each condition , both intellectually , emotionally and social .

Before talking further, what is early childhood education ? Early childhood education ( ECD ) is the level of education before primary education which is a development effort aimed bagianak from birth until the age of six years are done through the provision of educational stimulation to assist the growth and development of the child physically and mentally in order to have the readiness to enter the education further , organized in formal , non-formal , and informal .
Why is early childhood education is very important ?

Based on the research results about 50 % kapabilitaas intelligence adults have occurred when the child was 4 years old , 8 0 % there has been a rapid development of the brain tissue when the child is 8 years old and reaches its peak when the child was 18 years old , and after it's done though improved nutrition will have no effect on cognitive development .

This means that the development occurred within the first 4 years of the same magnitude with the developments in the next 14 years . So that this period is a critical period for children , where development acquired during this period is very influential on the development of the next period to adulthood . While this golden age only comes once , so that when the mean finished missed chances .

According to Byrnes , early childhood education will provide preparation for facing children in the future times , the closest is the face of the school year . " Currently , some kindergarten children already ask students who want to enroll there already able to read and count . In the kindergarten had already started to be taught social skills and problem solving . Because of the abilities that was to be established at an early age , "said Byrnes .

Furthermore, according to Byrnes , that early childhood education is important , because at this age the child is the best form of education . At this age children should establish himself facing a period of school readiness and future . The best investment you can give to children is to prepare them in early childhood education .
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